Custom Metal Fabrication and Design

Egan Brothers Inc. offers custom fabrication and design services to all industries. Our specialty is interfacing with our customers to provide solutions for manufacturing and safety issues.


metal fabrication batching table

Sun Chemical SS Batching Table

piping addition

316 SS Piping Addition

metal fabrication roof access

CPW Roof Access

waste treatment plant platform

Waste Treatment Platform

metal fabrication stairway

CPW Head Works Stairway

metal fabrication grating screen

SS Bar Grating Screen

crane diesel generator engine house SCSPA

Crane Diesel Generator Engine House SCSPA

metal fabrication custom handrail

Custom Handrail

metal fabrication waste chute

CPW Waste Chute

metal fabrication tank access

Tank Access

Custom Forms for Concrete Manufacturer

Custom Forms for Concrete Manufacturer

platform kiosk for sc port authority

Platform & Kiosk for SC Port Authority

metal fabrication concrete pouring tables

Pouring Tables for Precast Concrete Company