About Us

The Owner: Louis M. Egan II

Prior to starting Egan Brothers Inc. in November of 1999 I started my career in Charleston SC at the Charleston Naval Shipyard in 1985. While at the shipyard I completed the apprenticeship program as a Nuclear Qualified Sheetmetal / Shipfitter Mechanic. I was involved in the repair and refueling process of nuclear powered submarines. In 1993 I was laid off due to base closures and military cutbacks. I then went to work for a manufacturers representative selling process control equipment such as valves, pumps and instrumentation. I called on all major industry in the Carolinas including Power, Pulp and Paper, Chemical, and Textile Mills. Again in 1999 I was laid off due to corporate cutbacks. This led to the inception of Egan Brothers Inc.

  • Egan Brothers Inc. is a metal fabrication company specializing in the design and fabrications of commercial and industrial metal items. My main customers include the South Carolina State Port Authority . Our services included the manufacture and repair of damaged crane components. Another major customer is the Commissioners of Public Works and our work for them includes the manufacture and installation of safety related items such as handrails and platforms. Other customers include Santee Cooper Power Company, GE Automation, Titan Industries, and many other local businesses.

  • Down Under Directional Boring is a division of Egan Brothers Inc. and was formed in March of 2003. Our company specializes in all phases of utility construction. With our specialized equipment we can install underground conduit and piping without major excavation while still providing pinpoint accuracy.

    The Directional boring process allows you to drill under areas such as roadways, parking lots , buildings and historical sights that you may not wish to disturb by using traditional construction methods. It is a less intrusive and provides an aesthetically pleasing method of getting your infrastructure into the ground. It also allows the installation of new outside plant without disrupting previously installed utilities. This unique process can be applied to most utility installation requirements including small diameter communications conduit systems as well as larger diameter pipes and conduit used in the water, sewer, gas, electrical and pipeline industries.

    Down Under Directional Boring also provides traditional construction methods such as open excavation, trenching and plowing. During our experiences with the installation of the above mentioned systems we have evolved and our services also include the turnkey installation of communications systems.

Communication Systems include the following:

Inside wiring and cable infrastructure to support your networking and telecommunications needs. This includes the installation, termination and testing of fiber optic and copper cabling from the communications closet to the desktop.

Outside plant construction including directional boring, trenching , plowing, aerial construction, handhold and manhole installation, cable placement of fiber optic and copper cables. Installations are performed using all applicable industry standards and specifications.

Down Under has a dedicated and knowledgable staff that provides experienced Project Management. Our Project Managers have many years of experience with the design and installation of complex communications, security and networking projects. In addition our outside plant staff is extremely experienced in all phases of underground and aerial construction. With the combination of these services we can provide a quality turnkey service for all of your ISP and OSP communication requirements.

Established: 1999 • DUNS NO. 62561-3133